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A group of magicians in a guild, together will have to face multiple enemies while strengthening their bonds as each one strives to achieve their goals. That part and forward is the reason why one piece would be popular.

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One piece focuses on pirates as opposed to ninjas, but still offers a great journey.

Anime like bleach naruto one piece. Naruto, bleach and one piece belong in the second generation of shonen, where as dragon ball was the first one. In the family of fighting games making confront the heroes of different series, i would like one piece against naruto. 8 fairy tail infuses the shonen genre with literal magic

Bleach is the best anime here, then naruto then one piece. ‘bleach’ has 366 episodes packed with some of best animations ever put to screen. Bleach anime i really, really liked up.

The animes of both shows are doing pretty much just as well. It’s all nakama power for both anime! Check out a manga called psyren if you like as well.

The labyrinth of magic, nanatsu no taizai, one punch man One piece follows a pirate who goes by the name of monkey d. Luizr187 on july 16, 2014:

These days, it's basically just as popular as one piece and bleach. Now for the animes that are not ongoing. Magic is strength, and so is the power of friendship and camaraderie.

Lucy is on a journey as a celestial wizard. However, naruto has such rich back story with the original series and you see it maximized in shippuden. It is great that an iconic anime like this one will keep you occupied for a while.

That is why it is not included. Dhyresh on june 20, 2014: ‘bleach’ is the story of a teenager, ichigo kurosaki, who can see ghosts/spirits.

Naruto no offense to one piece, but naruto is a progressive in a less drawn out way. At 220 episodes, naruto is one of the longest running anime series out there. Friendship, magic, the fight between good and evil make this a natural recommendation for anime like one piece.

Most fans of naruto must like one piece as well. As for fairy tail, it’s so similar to one piece with regards to the concept of power bred from friendship and camaraderie. I just wanted to see what poeple liked these animes i will ad more anime choices.

Luizr187 on july 16, 2014: But that does not prevent it from being the best anime with the most followers in anime history. To be honest, the plot was ok, until the water arc.

One piece is equally as good. Bleach is like 50% filler so you get used to non cannon material but some filler arcs are decent. One piece is about a guy who wants to be king of the pirates, and he ate some bad fruit that gave him stretchy arm problems.

Hm, if we're going by manga, then one piece, naruto, bleach, in that order. Naruto, one piece, fullmetal alchemist, shaman king, groove adventure rave, bleach, ueki no housoku, dragon ball z, gintama, soul eater, fairy tail, toriko, hunter x hunter (2011), magi: But come on, it’s ‘one piece’ we are talking about.

That was hard to watch week to week. One piece has fillers once in a while but they are always somewhat enjoyable. The anime series concluded back on 23 march 2017.

The only thing i’d knock is the fillers. Here is a list of recommended anime that will take a while to binge through. Like luffy defying the world government in one piece, ichigo also challenges the status quo of the soul society.

Masashi kishimoto was the creator of this popular manga series and followed uzumaki naruto’s dream of becoming the hokage of his village. It ended nicely, the war arch was awesome. In case you’re searching for an exciting anime like naruto, one piece ought to be suited to your tastes.

Because dragon ball does not belong to the naruto, one piece and bleach generation. Ao no exorcist (has supernatural) death note (has shinigamis like in bleach) code geass (though it started 6 years ago, it is an anime that is highly praised even now) You may have already seen multiple articles on naruto which includes an article on naruto & naruto shippuden fillers, as it has many fillers.

Well, truth is, in america, the naruto manga is selling way better than the one piece manga. One piece is good too and is still ongoing. Another tremendous and ongoing shonen anime is one piece.

But even before doing so, he must become a ninja and earn recognition from his peers. I like db butnot dbz as much. Luffy and his crew, who set off on a journey to find the famous treasure, one piece.

^__^ martingallagher on february 27, 2014: Your list is very well rounded. The 2000s popularity of weekly shonen jump, one of the most famous and popular manga brands in japan, was mainly led by one piece and naruto.

One after another the hit shows just keep on coming. It is from one of the most appreciated genres. There are 74 volumes published till.

If you do add more, you should add fairy tail, katekyo hitman reborn, hunter x hunter, and maybe even sword art online. In 2001, one of the most popular japanese manga and anime series bleach (ブリーチ) started to be serialized on weekly shonen jump manga. Form a team of 3 characters + 1 assistant, from no less than 18 of the main heroes of these 2 cult mangas and challenge the computer or a friend in fights with an infernal pace.

So, many of the hits will be present. This version 3.0 adds the characters white beard and hawkeye from one piece and jiraiya and killer b from naruto… But in japan, one piece sells more manga than naruto, and the animes are similar in.

I have no opinion on gintama, as i read part of volume 1, but it didn't grab me. This anime includes a comparative dynamic of obstructions being overwhelmed with the intensity of companionship. If you haven't seen it, then you have 300+ episodes to watch.

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