How To Make A Scrunchie With A Hair Elastic

It takes about 5 minutes to make a scrunchie, from start to finish, and the result is adorable. Attach a safety pin to one end.

The Scrunchy Is BACK, and Here’s How to Make One

Just remember to keep the tail end of the elastic sticking out of the back end of your tube so your can sew both ends of the elastic together.

How to make a scrunchie with a hair elastic. I trimmed off the long finished edge of my bandanna since most bandannas are solid color. And then, you just have to top stitch your fabric to close the scrunchie. When i was in middle and high school you wouldn't catch me without a scrunchie on my wrist.or in my hair!

My daughter, “peaches”, is finally letting me put her hair up in clips and ties. Test it on your hair. To make a hair scrunchie, start by cutting a piece of elastic that's about 4 inches long and 1/2 an inch wide.

So i sat down and brainstormed my own way. How to sew a scrunchie. Lay the elastic on the right side of the fabric even at one end and extending over the other end.

Next, fold the fabric in half lengthwise so the printed side is facing inward and sew the edges together. Today i’m showing you how to make diy scrunchies with hair ties (also known as ponytail holders). (want to learn how to make a scrunchie?

With the scrunchie drawn out on the wrong side of the fabric cut it out. Cut a piece of fabric about one inch wide by 8 inches long… read the guidelines here. In a few minutes and with just fabric scraps and an elastic band, you can do many scrunchie hair bands.

Fold the fabric in half widthwise with right sides together through the elastic band as shown. As far as leaving the elastic a bit longer, you can certainly do that. Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic and insert it into the fabric tube.

To sew a scrunchie, start by cutting a 4 inch by 18 inch piece of fabric and folding in in half. The one on the left is 1/4″ wide and the one on the right is 1/2″ wide. If you want a more luxurious finish, make your hair scrunchies out of silk or organza to create a statement hair piece.

Both pieces of elastic are 7″ long. Learn how to make a scrunchie! Elastic fabric scissors needle and thread gather your materials.

You can create any color or pattern you want to tie up your hair. I made a simple mini scrunchie that you can make for your mini me. How to make a scrunchie with a hair tie.

Next, pin the corners and edges together to keep them in place. Cut a piece of elastic that measures 8.5″ long. After you have everything cut out you should have one piece of elastic, one scrunchie piece and two bow pieces.

3 useful extra tips about sewing a scrunchie what is the recommended elastic length for a perfect scrunchie for thick hair? Use a ruler to cut your bandana 4.5″ wide. Sew across the pinned end first, making sure that you sew the elastic firmly in place, then sew the length edges together.

The measurements above include a 1/4 seam allowance on all sides, so seam allowance does not need to be added to the scrunchie before cutting it out. Fold the fabric lengthwise over the elastic and pin the end together where the elastic is even, pinning through the elastic. Turn tube halfway to the right side, match short raw ends.

Follow these simple steps to make your own. I’ve researched a lot of scrunchie tutorials, but there aren’t many methods for hair tie scrunchies. This tutorial includes an optional “bunny ear” bow too.

Trends are so funny to me. Then, cut your piece of fabric so it's 8 inches long and 4 inches wide. The length of the rectangle will affect how much the fabric is gathered in the final piece, so if you want a rufflier scrunchie, make the rectangle longer.

A super simple sewing diy! This is because for me it is a risk that if the hair tie is of a low quality it can brake inside the scrunchie and then i would have to mend it. Fold fabric in half and sew the long edge, leaving a gap in the seam.

If you have thicker hair, use a longer piece of elastic. For thicker hair, use a longer piece of elastic. Preheat iron to medium heat, no steam.

The sizing below is for an adult hair scrunchie but make it with a shorter length and width if you want a size that will work better as a child's hair scrunchie. How to make a scrunchie diy sewing tutorial: Then, wrap the fabric around a hair tie so that the folded edge is on the outside and the fabric is inside out.

Pull the elastic to work the the. Scrunchies are a perfect beginner sewing project, a great way to use scraps, and a delightful diy gift for friends.learn to make your own scrunchies in five super simple steps. When stitching, be careful and insert the elastic band all the way through inside the fabric (so it all stays inside 😉 ).

Everyone’s favorite hair accessory from the ’80s and ‘90s, the scrunchie is making a major comeback. Match the long edges, and make sure your gap is 1 inch or so and closer to one end. Cut a piece of quarter inch wide elastic 8″ long.

I would only make them like this if i ran out of elastic. Use a length of elastic a little longer than the fabric you make the scrunchie. Download my free sewing pattern here.

Trisha sprouse while holding one end of the elastic, use the safety pin to work the other end of the elastic through the tube. Making a scrunchie with hair ties is a little bit trickier, but it can also be done if you don’t have any elastic on hand. Use that safety pin to guide the elastic through the entire length of your tube.

Pin the lengthwise edge to sew. Take your scrunchie piece and fold it in half long ways with right sides together. Turn the scrunchie right side out.

For a very thick and dense scrunchie you can cut a long fabric of upto 45 inches. (if you’re using the bow.) sewing the scrunchie. Cut your scrap fabric to measure 4” wide by 18” long.

Whoever decided that hair elastics were better than scrunchies was a crazy person. Attach a safety pin to the loose end of the elastic. Instead of the 6″ long for adult scrunchie, i’d recommend going 2″ longer and you’ll be able to twist your scrunchie twice around your ponytail.

As mentioned above, this is just a guideline, you can adjust the measurements if you like.

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