The Worst Anime Protagonist

His density is both the best thing and worst thing about him. One of the worst anime tropes rears its ugly head, and the anime instantly becomes annoying.

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If mob was interested in actually being an esper and didn’t have guilt over using his powers, this show would have probably ended in like 2 minutes.

The worst anime protagonist. The anime follows the daily lives of konata izumi, kagami and tsukasa hiiragi, and miyuki takura. He is the main protagonist of the anime angel densetsu. She is the main antagonist of her series and the living embodiment of distrust and controversy in the fictional and real world.

Be warned, none of the characters are likable and get what they deserve in the end. Sure, when mob is being his usual self, bad guys can get a few licks in. The show is best known for the cute moe characters.

As lovable of a hero as goku is, he has a bad habit of making poor decisions when he is eager to participate or witness a remarkable fight. His face really is shocking. Issei is a reincarnated devil of the gremory family after he was revived by rias when he was killed by his girlfriend on a bad date.

Despite her very bright and optimistic personality and her love for humans, medaka can learn and master every techniques she witness and use it at their perfected state, alot better than their original owners. And trinity seven is one of its poorest victims. 1 saitama (one punch man) arguably, we can't call this one hair or style since it's clearly a distinct lack of both.

The producers of beck did this by making its animation of an alternative style. 10 sep 2020 7:08 pm. Then, ten minutes into the episode, the main male protagonist trips on nothing and inexplicably lands with a hand on a girl’s chest.

Let’s face, most of the anime on this list can’t hold a cuck stick to school days. When she meets elias, a man of many wonders, chise thought perhaps her life was. In my opinion, the worst anime character of all time (that i can think of at the moment) is umaru doma from himouto!

The issue with anime like beck is that they have to be “edgy” and “different” in order to stand out. There have been some truly powerful characters in the world of shonen anime so it's interesting to wonder who would come out on top. Her mother committed suicide, faced constant verbal abuse from those around her, and was completely unloved by even other family.

Years after the fact, a goku that is written at his worst is still more beloved than most anime characters because so many fans grew up with him. The problem with the harem genre is it’s done so terribly. The cell games are a perfect example of this;

Malty is the freshest entry on this list, proving that there are rising stars in the worst anime character category. However, throughout the anime, fans have begun disliking him to the point of labeling him the worst male character of 2020. I like to believe in the theory that he is fully aware of the feelings of girls around him but he acts dense because choosing one would create for him a pick one to protect you and the others try to kill you scenario.

8 lucky star lucky star is an anime that first aired (april 8th, 2007 to september 16th, 2007) in japan. To me it’s crazy an anime like trinity seven is almost as highly rated as haganai: Kazuya kinoshita is not only the boring main character of a harem anime ー he's a very indecisive one, as well.

Kisuke urahara (bleach) worst anime protagonist : Most anyone who has watched anime for a while will recognize situations like these. One of the most badass heroine.

10 kenshiro (fist of the north star) What begins as a generic harem descends into the mad world of cheating, emotional manipulation, and nice boats. Let’s not forget this is a blatant harem, too.

For a lot of anime fans who either grew up on toonami or had the dragon ball franchise as their first introduction to anime and manga, goku was the first anime protagonist they became attached to. After his girlfriend mami breaks up with him, he decides to rent a girlfriend, chizuru. Ugh, don't get me started with this horrible anime!

First off, she becomes naofumi's first partner only to drain him of his income as much as she can. Now as a devil, issei has a harem with the other gremory servants. Villains are usually made for you to dislike them, so i will not include villains.

Killua was raised from a young age to be the perfect hitman. The happy magical slaves can be more annoying in some other ways but i think happy magical slaves makes the stories less interesting. You probably expected this entry on the list, issei hyoudou, the self proclaimed harem king, is a harem protagonist in the high school dxd series.

Trinity seven is an ecchi /school/fantasy series. Yes, i know he looks like a bloodlusted crazy bastard on drugs, who would be very much willing to gut you, play with your intestines and drink your blood while laughing. He is so outlandish compared to any shonen anime hero that even god himself would become curious with this absolute mad lad.

The target audience is shouen. I don’t have many friends.

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