Transformers Animated Lockdown Dailymotion

Lockdown is a recurring antagonist in transformers: He's in this game for upgrades, pure and simple, and he wears the decepticon badge because they're the ones who can get him the systems he wants.

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The decepticon bounty hunter, lockdown, is ready to hunt down his latest victim.

Transformers animated lockdown dailymotion. The decepticons have appeared in detroit, and it's up to the autobots to stop megatron and his evil plans! The figure comes armed with a chainsaw weapon. He has a tendency to cut parts from his victims and attach them to himself, his hook arm and part of his left leg among these.

Animated the thrill of the hunt (tv episode 2008) lance henriksen as lockdown. The thrill of the hunt after a brief scuffle with blackarachnia on the moon, he continued to the planet's. My review of target exclusive animated stealth lockdown in which i show off the figure.

Some four million stellar cycles later, lockdown was hired to bring in optimus prime and tracked him to earth. It'll make the chase more fun. Surprise transformers toys kinder joy for boys from animated cartoon for kids transformers.

From transformers animated, lockdown transforms from robot mode into a vehicle. When lockdown captured ratchet and arcee many years in the past, he brought them aboard the death's head in order to take them to megatron, but they managed to escape. Sharpen your wits and lift your spirits by figuring the way out of these fun conundrums.

Transformers animated deluxe lockdown review Animated.he is a cybertronian bounty hunter who is unaligned with the autobots or decepticons, but generally works for the latter since he gets paid more by them. Several people asked for this video.specifically bikertrash, so i thought i'd get it posted.i also would like to apologize for the sound in this one.

Transformers animated intros and bonus.

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